How You Can Help

Everybody's situation is different. One person may have the money to donate, but they don't have the time to get involved. Another may have more time on their hands, but don't have the money. First, let me say that filling out a petition to change legislation, takes 45 seconds and is a very important procedure that will result in positive changes. Regarding donating, you don't have to donate a lot of money to feel like you're making a difference. You can donate $5.00 and that could feed one starving animal for an entire day. It costs $25.00 to vaccinate an animal. No amount is insignificant....every penny matters. When people ask me how they can earn money to donate, I tell them to return their cans/bottles, have a garage sale, sell stuff you don't use on Ebay, or make coffee at home for a week instead of going to Starbucks...That's $20.00 or more for just that one sacrifice and your contribution could change an animal's life. 

We personally live our life being of service to others. It's where we feel most comfortable and when you live your life that way, it comes back to you without you even expecting it.... and that part is just an added bonus. The part that we revel in, is the feeling we get from implementing change and making a difference in other's lives.

Here is a list of ways that you can make a difference:

Volunteer at a shelter/animal rescue - You can walk the dogs, help to feed them or clean their cages. Ask them if they have a list of supplies that they need. Some need cleaning supplies, paper towels or food for the animals.

Donate - As I mentioned previously, I am very skeptical about donating to organizations, due to my prior experiences and in light of the information I've been told about what happens to our money behind the scenes. If you would like to donate to an organization other than ours, please research the company first. If you do not know where to begin, call us or e-mail us and we will help you to do that. Your money is sacred and you should know for sure that it is being used for the cause you're donating to. 

Advocating - This could entail participating in an animal protest, which we will post here on the website, we'll send you e-mails when you subscribe to our mailing list and we'll also post them on Instagram. As I've mentioned previously, you can sign petitions. Go to to check out different petitions. Many of us post them on Instagram, as well. If you follow any animal advocate's page, you will most likely see various petitions regarding animal welfare. Re-posting important information is critical because as I always say, "Awareness inspires change", and we must constantly be flooding social media with those profound pictures and videos in order to educate people on what's really going everyone can help. On Instagram, our friend Tanya @tanyasrocksforjustice spends all of her free time posting pictures and videos of animals in kill shelters, who are on death row, in an effort to save as many animals as possible. Her endless efforts have led to so many rescues of animals who would have otherwise be killed. You can re-post anything from her page and forward to anyone you know...this will make a huge difference in the life of animals. We have another friend, Sam @buddhanatureyoga who spends a lot of time posting animals from all over the country who are in need of homes, medical care, foster care or need to be rescued immediately from a kill shelter. You can re-post or forward anything from her page, as well. Her dedication has been instrumental in the amazing rescue and all aid of so many animals. 

Events - As you know, throwing large events is going to be one of the many ways that we spread awareness and raise money. As we plan each event, we will post here on the website, e-mail you, post on Instagram, on large billboards, through radio and television. We hope you will use your voice to spread the word about our Events, so we can all band together and make some much needed, significant changes to the injustice that is taking place at the expense of innocent animals. 

We look forward to meeting all of you! If you have any ideas or suggestions, please call us or e-mail us. We always value your opinion and look forward to hearing what you have to say!