About Us

We are animal lovers to the core. We were in the Restaurant, Bar, Pizzeria, Catering, Events business for 20 years. Now it's time to take the experience we have and apply it to our passion...animals. Our plan is to have big events geared toward issues that interest people. We will have Performers, Speakers, and people who are passionate about the same topics that we are. We will focus on Animals, Empowering Women, The Environment, Breast Cancer, Addiction, Beauty, Gay Rights, Heart Disease, Psychology, Spirituality and so much more. There aren't many topics that will be off limits. We want this to be an opportunity to impact and inspire people, while raising money and awareness in the interim. We will primarily be raising money for animals, but as we have each event, we will donate a percentage of the proceeds to whichever cause we're showcasing.

Where does the money go that is raised/donated? This was my biggest concern when I donated money in the past. Is it really going to the cause? Unfortunately, not always! I lost an exorbitant amount of money over the years because I didn't realize that there are large salaries being paid to people on the board at some of these organizations, who have sometimes never even stepped foot in the place. Not all organizations are unscrupulous like that, so we will only be dealing with the organizations who have a pure and honest agenda....whose sole intention is to help animals.

We're not an animal shelter or rescue. We will be advocating for animals and raising money, which we will give to the organizations who need it the most. *Please know this: We look into these organizations thoroughly before we decide to give them money. We will never hand over money without knowing all of the details of their organization. We value your money and understand how hard you worked for it. We never take that for granted!